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Blackity Black Black Is Beautiful

by Fay Victor

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Built on the power of our voices This music Was built on the sound of black women’s voices This music Was built on the sound of black women’s voices Our Sound Our Soul Our Pain Our Witnessing Our Seeing Our Holding Our Bosom Our Determination Our Subjugation Our Abuse Our Dismissal Our Sidelining Our Blood Our Children and their Children We are the anchor and the base. We show our Dignity and Strength We represent the burden, the uplift and the joy of creation We carry it in our voices, strong and unshakeable Distinct The cry of hell that meets the elation of the righteous path to Heaven The sound that told us all to hold on since humans were created was the black voice.
With all this talk of race and place, privilege and class...sometimes the talk feels like talk. Feels like a numbing of the same words being used over and over again. Living a life of some privilege shields me from the confrontation outside the words and discourse. Youtube, Facebook and Twitter makes it feel sometimes like a never ending movie. The images roll into one another day after day. The numbing takes over. You’re in a trance of knowing but not seeing, really. So a dear friend wants to spend a milestone birthday on the beach taking a walk together - a great idea in a pandemic. The weather for a Chrstmas Eve walk in New York City was a balmy 58 degrees. The joy to go, driving there in good spirits and making a turn that I didn’t know was wrong until I felt it. I felt the hues change to an undeniable whiteness that was alone and standout. As I drove it felt strange and the panic came to a head when I arrived at a dead end with the entrance to a surf club. There was nowhere else to go but back. Panicked, I called my host and they knew I was in the wrong place and told me to get out of there. I did. Carefully, within the speed limit as the fear and panic slowly left the clenching in my fingers, my hands loosened around the wheel. I could hear music again. When I felt safe, I pulled over to get my bearing, making it to my friend just 10 minutes later. A joy to see friendly faces full of joy and love and we celebrated our dear friend!! When I got home, I felt a sadness come over me. I couldn’t push it away. It swept me up like a tornado and I sobbed for hours. Christmas day I wake up feeling an overwhelming sadness, tears flow like a waterfall. Why the heaviness? Is it the year of 2020, finally crashing down its tension in my body and psyche, as I take a break? Or was it that brief visit to Breezy Point. where I confronted the fear I’ve been reading and seeing from afar. Nothing happened but I was so aware that it could at any moment. Breezy Point ain't Breezy. Breezy Point ain't Breezy. No, no.
when people die suddenly, I heave. I can't breathe. I don't process I don't run, I freeze my mind tries to understand I tell myself Maybe they died doing what they loved to death Maybe I suffer I am left behind, a witness to the leaving. I heave. The loss leaves me reeling flying out into space... I'm not here either though others can see me and talk to me my mind tries to understand the words terrestrial tertiary round and round I spin in the loss of you youse all of you gone now death spiral out of my control death spiral out of control Mask Normal LIfe Now Masks, Normal Life
We will see your governorship, and we’ll take your Senate We will turn your state BLUE, We will turn your state BLUE Stacy Abrams seethed and stewed on simmer after illegally losing the governorship to Brian Kemp back in 2018. She started Fair Fight and got Georgians of all stripes, voter suppressed for decades and turned the state BLUE. in 2020, this amazing feat also turned the Senate BLUE. We will see your governorship, and we’ll take your Senate We will turn your state BLUE Bitch, We will turn your state BLUE
You took my money, called it chicken feed You took my money and you throw it around Tell me how can you do it How can you do, How can you do it, throw my money around I work hard everyday as a gal’s supposed to do Take my money bring it home to you Tell me how can you do it How can you do, How can you do it, throw my money around Momma told me once, Papa told me too I surely need to get rid of you Baby, tell me how can you do it How can you do, How can you do it, throw my money around
If I don’t take my place, I will be erased If I don’t take my place, I will be erased I will be erased for sure
We need signs to know which way to go (repeat) We are here, knowing nothing Struggling our way through life the best we can. We can’t stand not knowing what the future holds So just grab my hand and whisper in my ear cause’ We need signs to know which way to go(repeat) Where are they? Some days feel hopeless So I try to let go (repeat) Looking for signs (repeat) etc… We need signs to know which way to go (repeat)
Trust the Universe The Glory Will Carry You Trust The Universe


Blackity Black Black Is Beautiful is the very first solo record by Fay Victor, whose 30-year-long music career has covered everything from House, New Music, Jazz (Blues) and Free Improvisation. Her deep history with dance music, her genreless output, and her lived experience as a Black woman in the world shaped the brand new process she used to create this prismatic album which touches on all the decades of her life like diary snapshots. It’s a mesmerizing collection of composed work that could only be made by an extraordinary improviser.

From hearing the raw, almost gospel vocal style over a heavy beat of Donna Summer and Sylvester, to obsessing over shows like Soul Train, Solid Gold, and Dance Fever on TV, to experiencing the sweat and groove, the freedom of bodies moving at NYC clubs like Danceteria, The Loft, and the Paradise Garage – her life changed forever. As she was developing as a jazz singer in Amsterdam in the 90s, she danced to trance music in clubs like Mazzo and The Soul Kitchen. She landed on the Billboard charts with a club hit “You Make Me Happy” in ’91. Stoned on the sacred dance floor, Fay found ecstasy in the moving body, the groove, the beat.

As she entered deeper into the world of jazz, she was attracted to the rhythmic qualities of Thelonious Monk, Eddie Harris, Eric Dolphy, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Betty Carter, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Nicole Mitchell, Milford Graves, Julius Hemphill, Charles Mingus, Herbie Nichols. Their confrontational rhythm sends her soul leaping, connecting her back to her clubheadheart.

With Mavin Gaye’s “Got To Give It Up” as a template, Fay started thinking about how her solo album might unfold. She sang, played keyboards, added textures and further dimensions with no other humans, without electronics. That was her process. Thoroughly creative, composed with music and words straight from her spirit.


released August 25, 2023

This solo project was built out of composed tracks + processing + piano playing and vocalizing all by Fay Victor.

‘How Can You Do It?’ is composed John Lee Hooker.

Thank you to the deepest Black Woman Inspiration for my entire life - my mother, Faith Evangeline Susannah Victor, a quiet warrior full of grace that raised me to be the me you see. To mavericks and sages such as Betty Carter, bell hooks, Zora Neal Hurston, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Abbey Lincoln, Jeanne Lee, Nicole Mitchell, Stephanie Perry and Dr. Yaba Blay. To all the black women I've known in my life that got up, went to work, day in and day out for decades to take care of their families without fanfare. The women that watched and worked from the sidelines so their families could eat and the will to exist with dignity and strength, which may be the biggest protest towards the systems that work to keep so many of us back. Thank you to the kindness and generosity of the Universe.

To my hubby, my love Jochem van Dijk, for his unwavering support and love, to finding a way to be creative during the pandemic which allowed me to consider a solo project for the first time, which leads to what’s in your ears. To Adam Downey & Tom Abbs at Northern Spy Records for supporting the idea of me going solo for the first time on record! To Chris Weiss for recording, mixing and mastering this special project! It is a blessing to create, to express, to share, to hold. Thank you for holding this music close, for listening.



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Fay Victor Brooklyn, New York

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